Human Resources Policy

ACT Airlines knows that its human resources are its most important asset, aims to be together with all its employees for many years. We belive that eact employee working under the umbrella of ACT Airlines, as individual, is a representation of the company.
Our principal Human Resources policy is meeting the necessities of the business with the skills and the abilities of the employees, to choose, develop and manage human resources as per the modern standards and on equal opportunity principals. Our core values are high business ethics, respect for human and environment, participative management mentality, supporting innovative and creative thinking and customer orientation.

Our objective is;
  • To attract quality human resources with the knowledge and skills required to perform the job
  • To provide the necessary environment of emlpoyee satisfaction and high motivation
  • To improve our employees’ knowledge and skills to prepare them for higher tasks in the future
  • To be a big happy family together

  • Training And Personal Development

    We believe that learning is the main requirement to accomodate changed conditions and raise the standards of our company.
    Within this scope, we ensure employees participate in the training programmes which are designated considering their personal and professional development and potential tasks.

    Recruitment Process

    Our recruitment process is designed to pair the right candidate with a suitable position, and candidates invited to an initial interview are drawn from our company database, varied career portals, consulting firms and individual applications.
    Following preliminary interviews conducted by the Human Resources Department, based on the requirements of the position, qualified candidates are evaluated using, foreign language test and personality inventoriy, technical skill test, attention test and psychological assessment tools. After short list is made, interviews are arranged with the managers of the relevant department.

    Our core competencies are;
  • Commitment to ethical principles
  • Business responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Being quality oriented

  • After referance check and salary study is completed for the candidates approved by management, Human Resources Department makes a written job offer. Induction programme is conducted for all newcomers and followed with the relevant department alng the process.

    Job applications are made on our page at

    Please e-mail to for individual and internship application.